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Ideas for old windows

Old windows  can be use inside or out for great decorative touches.  Click on pics for great ideas and tutorials.

 old windowsbb old windows7bb old windows3

bb old windows4


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Making a plan for your recycled green project

Put it on paper…many mistakes can be avoided if you have a detailed plan and a materials list (with measurements).  Knowing exactly what materials are needed before your search starts is a must.  You won’t get sidetracked, and buy things just because it is a bargain.  Like I said this cheaper, green living is addictive and before you know it a person can have stacks and stacks of materials.  And that’s OK if you have storage for items you can use later.  But if your storage is limited, stick to just the project at hand.  Here is a detailed drawing of this beautiful  halltree made entirely from salvaged materials.  Even if your artistic abilities are not this good, a drawing helps and also gets the creative thoughts flowing.

plan for halltreefinished halltree

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DIY Birdhouse Art

ready to finish and embellish
ready to finish and embellish

These birdhouses can be finished with your own creative touch.  Here are a couple of examples to get those creative thoughts flowing.


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Cool trash 2 treasure blog

cabinet door artfunky clock

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Have a Green Christmas…

No, I’m not confused, or maybe…  We all know buying seasonal items out of season saves money.  Take that a step farther, buy reusable seasonal items!

christmas 002christmas

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A green remodel

What is and why do a green remodel?  The term green these days is all about using up, recycling, and salvaging materials that would otherwise go to the landfill.  Incorporating salvaged materials into your remodel can accomplish several green goals.  Saving green money is green and usually salvaged materials are far less costly.  At Building Blocks our prices are 50-80% below retail.  Salvaging reduces the ecological impact of cutting more trees, producing more counter-tops, sinks, and many other items.  And as mentioned, reducing landfill disposal.

Thanks for stopping in, come back soon for diy green projects.

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Unique gifts, home decor,trash to treasure

shabby chic framed mirrorsouthwestern benchtin manrustic cabinetThese creative people are amazing!   All of our items in the Upcycle Market are one of a kind.

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