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Tupelo, North Miss getting in the green trend

An average person generates four to six pounds of garbage daily.  With that thought, we should all think more on cutting down our material waste.  Recycling cans and paper is one thing, but what to do with a toilet?    Reuse of construction, building and home supplies is fast becoming a new trend in all parts of the country.  The green movement has been an asset in fueling this trend.  Reuse centers and stores are not new to bigger cities and are becoming more common in smaller towns.  The stores are usually operated by a non-profit organization, where money from sales  goes to one or more charities.  There are also municipalities operating reuse stores.  Individuals are opening these businesses, probably because of our slow economy.  Who isn’t wanting to save money?  Building Blocks, 3725 Cliff Gookin, Tupelo, is seeing the reuse trend grow with more donations now than we have had in our short history.  Oh, one of our best sellers is toilets!  See what’s happening in other parts of the country with reuse by checking out these links.


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Reuse ideas for Louvered Doors and Shutters

Your imagination is your only limit to reusing louvered doors and shutters.  Here are a few ideas.

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