Building Blocks is a charitable arm of the Learning Skills Center in Tupelo, MS.  The Learning Skills Center is a local not-for-profit agency which provides many services to help children learn, stay in school and prepare for college.  Services are provided to each student on a sliding pay scale, based upon the income level of the student’s family.  The income generated through fees covers only 30% of the Learning Skills Center’s operational costs.

Building Blocks, Tupelo’s new low-cost building supply place not only provides funds from sales of new and gently used home and building supplies to provide supplies and pay for materials used daily in our labs, but the monies allow us to offset rising costs and keep our fees affordable so that no child is ever left behind and without the skills necessary to excel in school and life.


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  1. 1

    Beverly King said,

    Where is the building supply store located? Thank you.

  2. 2

    buildingblocksintupelo said,

    Building Blocks is in the warehouse behind Learning Skills Center, 3725 Cliff Gookin. We’re in the High School area, next to Room to Room Furniture. Come in through the Center or the warehouse door. Stop by, we’re open 10-4:30 Mon-Thurs.
    Come watch us grow.

  3. 3

    Heard about your store and am anxious to visit! I am currently trying to go green and build on to our small home. Have purchased windows from Habitat Restore in Florence, AL and will shortly visit you to see what I can add to the pile! What a great thing you are doing! Keep up the good work!

    Barton Environmental Awareness Team Member
    SCA Tissue of the Americas – Barton Operations
    A company that is striving to be as green as can be!!!

  4. 4

    buildingblocksintupelo said,

    Thanks, Carolyn, I look forward to your visit. I love talking to folks who are reusing, restoring,etc. Building Blocks is a great organization, I am proud to be a part of.

  5. 5

    Andrew Black said,

    Hi. I found you through a Google search, and wanted to stop by say hi, and let you know my wife and I are coming by your place this next week. We have a few little projects we are getting involved in.

    Also, since I’m local, I run both a local and regional website you may be interested in.

    Tupelovoice.com is for people to talk about issues that affect us locally.

    And Matergravy.com is a social network revolving around our forum, chat room, and arcade. It’s mainly for people living, working, and just having fun in the South. Come by and check us out when you get a chance.

  6. 6

    buildingblocksintupelo said,

    I’m glad you found us, and I look forward to meeting y’all. I’ll definitely check out your websites.

  7. 7

    Ryan said,

    I have a metal storage building out back, it has a dent in it and some rusty areas and a full wooden floor. I’ve got no way to move it but you all are welcome to it, i think there is a shelf in it and a bookcase you can have too. Let me know if you are interested.

  8. 8

    buildingblocksintupelo said,

    We would love to have it! Can you call me at Building Blocks, 844-7327, on Monday?

  9. 9

    elle laverne goggans said,

    i make recycled art.. sherry cochran told me about the site.. i would love to subscribe to your site.
    i love making something out of nothing.. we are currently remodeling and adding on to our home.
    i would love to come by and see everything..

  10. 10

    buildingblocksintupelo said,

    Please do come see us, we’re at 3725 Cliff Gookin. BB is open 10-4:30 M-F and 9-4 Sat. Please tell Sherry thanks for recommending us.

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