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Fall fix-up time

lots of countertopsBrown countertopWhite cabinet doorsNice vintage headboard and footboardOctober has started with great donations at Building Blocks.  Shop with us for your fall projects.  Here is a sampling of some of the great deals we have.   The bed could be used as it is, a nice vintage piece, painted,or made into a bench. If you need an uplift for your kitchen these cabinet doors could do the trick.  Craftspeople are also using these to paint different designs on.  And countertops, thanks to a generous donor, we have over 500feet of countertops. The attic stairs are a steal at our price.  Come see us.  3725 Cliff Gookin, Tupelo.  And as you know, our mission is the Learning Skills Center.


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Is a Dutch door really Dutch?

A great idea for a vintage doorYes, the Dutch Door really did originate in Holland.  Dutch doors have many uses.  Containing children and pets is a very practical use.  I’ve always loved them as a way of letting the outside in.  This used door was donated to Building Blocks recently, the design is very interesting.  A vintage five panel door was used.  Some type of thin material, luan or thin plywood applied to the front gives a smooth finish for the hinges and Z braces.  Vintage door on one side and barn look on the other.

Dutch doors can be purchased but why not reuse?  Here are some great diy sites.

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Can Glass Blocks be a DIY Project?

Glass Blocks never seem to go out of style.  In the early 1800’s glass was cut and used in cellars and ships for light.  In the 1930’s machinery was used to manufacture glass block.  Of course showers and baths are the most common uses.  Daylighting is important today with trying to conserve energy. Glass blocks could be retrofitted in strategic places in a home or business.  They could be used for privacy in an otherwise open area.  Here are some good sites to view, has anyone tried this?

This site says installing glass block is not much harder than tile .

Door sidelights will provide light with privacy and security.

Building Blocks has reusable glass blocks at a great price.

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Bath makeover: faucet replacement

As this article in Extreme How To states, updating faucets can be decorative and economical by saving water.  If you are updating a bath on a budget, come to Building Blocks for a nice sink, then get a modern faucet.

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Save money with diy solar hot water

Constructing a solar water heating system can range from a fairly simple passive solar set-up to a more complex active solar construction.  DIY solar hot water can save money by reducing the electricity or gas used.  There are a lot of great resources on the web, this one from Mother Earth News has great info for passive construction.

We have glass and windows that could easily be incorporated.  Now, that would be very green: Saving energy and reusing building materials.

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Eli’s BBQ upcycles Casa Monterey Bar

Reusing and upcycling is sooo green.  Eli’s on West Main did just that with the bar they purchased at Building Blocks.  If you remember from a previous post, CVS let us go into the businesses at Crosstown before demoliton.  Check out these pics and also check out Eli’s great food, I just had bbq sandwich and gator fries, mmmm…elis 010elis 011

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Need new doors?

Building Blocks has new and used doors, update your home.   Good selection at 3725 Cliff Gookin, Tupelo.  Monday-Saturday 10-4.

 oversized full glass doorBB 11409 010BB 11409 012

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