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Pallet Reuse-the latest trend


The first reusing of pallets I saw was making birdhouses with the rough lumber.  The free lumber provided extra income for a man who sold the birdhouses at a roadside stand.   Now pallet reuse is one of the biggest trends. Here are some great places to find tutorials and ideas.

If you’ve made a project with pallets, please share.


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Chemical free pest control reusing household containers

    Not wanting to kill the ladybugs who were mingling with about two hundred wasps,  I found the solution simply in reusing a two-liter plastic bottle.

Another everyday item to use in pest control  is  aluminum pans for snail and slug control.   Dig a wide but shallow hole in the soil near your infested plants. Place an aluminum pie pan in the hole so that the outer lip is approximately level with the soil, and fill the dish with stale beer. Slugs and snails crawl into the beer trap and drown.

Use  yellow cardboard and a sticky material such as petroleum jelly to trap flying insects.

Here’s more good info to keep those pests away:

How to Kill Garden Pests Without Poison |

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