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2011 Spring Donation Drive

Building Blocks, 3725 Cliff Gookin Blvd, Tupelo needs your donation of reusable building materials and home supplies.

Reusable construction supplies help reduce solid waste in our landfills and save money on construction and remodeling in homes and businesses.  Your donations help our environment by not using landfill space, and contribute to the children at Learning Skills Center.  Fees for tutoring only covers about 30% of the operating cost at LSC. Donations are tax deductible. Donors who believe in our mission of reuse, landfill issues, and community service are helping The Learning Skills Center provide quality learning skills in math, reading, and dyslexia.  All North Mississippi children are eligible.  LSC programs  are based on family income.


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Your Donation is tax-deductible

Your tax-deductible donations to Building Blocks are used to provide math and reading  materials for the Learning Skills Center, a remedial tutoring school.  Building Blocks,3725 Cliff Gookin, Tupelo, is a charitable arm of LSC.  The Learning Skills Center is a local not-for-profit agency.  Services are provided to each student on a sliding scale, based upon the income level of the student’s family.  Your donations help children, help the planet  through reuse (items are kept out of the landfill stream), and provide affordable building and home supplies.

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Thanksgiving Continues, BB thanks you!

     Building Blocks was founded as a means of providing extra income for the Learning Skills Center, a non-profit agency which provides remedial training in reading and mathematics to students in North Mississippi.  Services are provided to each student on a sliding scale, based upon the income level of the student’s family. 

      Our generous donors and customers have helped us survive and thrive in these hard economic times. In 2008 we only received 48 donations.  Of course, donation numbers can mean one item donated or a trailer load of reusable building supplies.  This year our donations will be close to 100.  Through sales of these tax-deductible donations we are seeing the hope of our mission come together.  We are providing funds for materials used daily in our learning labs.  And by providing low-cost building supplies for purchase, we can help to rebuild our communities, while protecting the environment by reducing land-fill debris.

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America Recycles Day Coming to Tupelo

  Keep Tupelo Beautiful, Cooper Tire, Waste Management,, Building Blocks and Lions Club plans “America Recycles Day” collection on Saturday, November 20, 2010.  During this collection event, tires, e-waste, cell phones, eyeglasses, architectural salvage, reusable building materials, and building tools will be accepted in the Bancorp South Arena east parking lot from 9am-2pm.  Televisions will be accepted for recycling for a $10.00 collection fee.  Computer monitors will be accepted for a $1.00 fee.  All other e-waste is free of charge.  Donations of new or reusable building supplies and tools will provide funding for students at the Learning Skills Center and is tax-deductible.  To get involved, contact Sherrie Cochran-662-841-6510.

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Fall fix-up time

lots of countertopsBrown countertopWhite cabinet doorsNice vintage headboard and footboardOctober has started with great donations at Building Blocks.  Shop with us for your fall projects.  Here is a sampling of some of the great deals we have.   The bed could be used as it is, a nice vintage piece, painted,or made into a bench. If you need an uplift for your kitchen these cabinet doors could do the trick.  Craftspeople are also using these to paint different designs on.  And countertops, thanks to a generous donor, we have over 500feet of countertops. The attic stairs are a steal at our price.  Come see us.  3725 Cliff Gookin, Tupelo.  And as you know, our mission is the Learning Skills Center.

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Help us build a Playhouse!

As a fund raiser for the Learning Skills Center, Building Blocks plans to build a playhouse.  We will build it from as much recycled materials as possible, our goal is 50% . Chances will be sold and someone will have a great playhouse, and LSC will benefit. We are just starting to plan this project, so please keep in touch to watch our progress.  We are also looking for materials and volunteers.  Call 662-844-7327 or come by 3725 Cliff Gookin Blvd.

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Fall Sale starts Labor Day

We’re cleaning out the warehouse, and you can take advantage of sale items from our already low prices.  Starting with these 8ft doors, we are slashing prices on every thing.  Crafters can pick up these vintage wooden windows for a song(plus a few dollars)…. plus we have a big selection of vintage doors.

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