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Chemical free pest control reusing household containers

    Not wanting to kill the ladybugs who were mingling with about two hundred wasps,  I found the solution simply in reusing a two-liter plastic bottle.

Another everyday item to use in pest control  is  aluminum pans for snail and slug control.   Dig a wide but shallow hole in the soil near your infested plants. Place an aluminum pie pan in the hole so that the outer lip is approximately level with the soil, and fill the dish with stale beer. Slugs and snails crawl into the beer trap and drown.

Use  yellow cardboard and a sticky material such as petroleum jelly to trap flying insects.

Here’s more good info to keep those pests away:

How to Kill Garden Pests Without Poison |


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Spring Gardening

Spring weather makes gardeners want to scratch in the dirt!  Although the weather in our area is still a little unstable, there are quiet a few gardening projects you can do while enjoying the outdoors.   

Building cold frames can definitely give you a headstart in the garden.  Plants can be protected from a sudden cold snap.  We have lots of storm windows that would be perfect for a cold frame.  Get your window, then build your frame to fit it.

Something you can do all year and reap the rewards with better soil is composting.

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Just had to share another compost idea!

diy compost tumbler

Thanks, Weekndr for sharing….step by step instructions for this economical compost tumbler.

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A Compost Bin? Sure.

wood and wire compost bin

Composting is another great way to go Green!  Great soil amendments will be your reward.  Grass clippings, table scraps (no meat), leaves and other organic refuse can be disposed in the compost bin,  thereby reducing waste going to the landfill.  A bin is not necessary to compost but it keeps things neater and can keep out small animals who might raid your bin.  Compost bins are made from a variety of materials.  Look at these different instructions for a variety of ideas.   Think reuse when building your compost bin,  most bins can be built from scrap lumber and materials.  More information for compost bins on these sites:

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Gardening in Zone 7

Once the holidays are over do you dream of gardening?  Here in our Zone 7 there are lots of days we can be outside to prepare beds and garden structures even in the dead of winter.  Constructing seed starting frames, cold frames, hotbeds, hoophouses, and greenhouses are great projects.  Here are two links from last year’s gardening section on seed starting plans and cold frame ideas.  For greenhouses and more  look in our Gardens and Structures category.

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Ideas: Stone in Landscaping

stone natural-slate-walling1_302x338

stone split-rail_and_stone

Some ideas I have found:  Stone  hardscape adds so much in your landscaping projects.

stone cotswold-drystone-walling1_302x338stone masonry_n_picket

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Six more weeks of winter

Back in December, I was whining about the weather, wanting spring to hurry.  Well, now is the time to start thinking about seed starting, cold frames, and gardening.  Check our December archive for great articles.

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