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Reuse Makes Sense/2012 Spring Donation Drive

When you give an item to Building Blocks you produce three beneficial deeds.  First, a child’s education is helped, because our sales benefit the Learning Skills Center.  LSC is a tutoring school where children’s fees are based on family income.  These fees only cover about 30% of LSC’s expenses.  Secondly, someone is provided materials and goods they need at 40-80% off retail price.  And third, these items donated are kept out of the landfill. 

Help us help others by donating to Building Blocks.  We accept any reusable building and home supplies. We’re at 3725 Cliff Gookin Blvd. in the warehouse of Learning Skills Center. Your tax-deductible donations are accepted Mon.-Sat. 9am-4pm.



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Chemical free pest control reusing household containers

    Not wanting to kill the ladybugs who were mingling with about two hundred wasps,  I found the solution simply in reusing a two-liter plastic bottle.

Another everyday item to use in pest control  is  aluminum pans for snail and slug control.   Dig a wide but shallow hole in the soil near your infested plants. Place an aluminum pie pan in the hole so that the outer lip is approximately level with the soil, and fill the dish with stale beer. Slugs and snails crawl into the beer trap and drown.

Use  yellow cardboard and a sticky material such as petroleum jelly to trap flying insects.

Here’s more good info to keep those pests away:

How to Kill Garden Pests Without Poison |

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Great plans and inspiration

Great plans and inspiration

Have you seen Ana White?  This is a great site for diy.

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Spring Gardening

Spring weather makes gardeners want to scratch in the dirt!  Although the weather in our area is still a little unstable, there are quiet a few gardening projects you can do while enjoying the outdoors.   

Building cold frames can definitely give you a headstart in the garden.  Plants can be protected from a sudden cold snap.  We have lots of storm windows that would be perfect for a cold frame.  Get your window, then build your frame to fit it.

Something you can do all year and reap the rewards with better soil is composting.

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2011 Spring Donation Drive

Building Blocks, 3725 Cliff Gookin Blvd, Tupelo needs your donation of reusable building materials and home supplies.

Reusable construction supplies help reduce solid waste in our landfills and save money on construction and remodeling in homes and businesses.  Your donations help our environment by not using landfill space, and contribute to the children at Learning Skills Center.  Fees for tutoring only covers about 30% of the operating cost at LSC. Donations are tax deductible. Donors who believe in our mission of reuse, landfill issues, and community service are helping The Learning Skills Center provide quality learning skills in math, reading, and dyslexia.  All North Mississippi children are eligible.  LSC programs  are based on family income.

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Reuse, today’s deals…

sunroom diningCome see what we have,  from last minute gifts to diy projects, home improvement materials and home decor.

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Your Donation is tax-deductible

Your tax-deductible donations to Building Blocks are used to provide math and reading  materials for the Learning Skills Center, a remedial tutoring school.  Building Blocks,3725 Cliff Gookin, Tupelo, is a charitable arm of LSC.  The Learning Skills Center is a local not-for-profit agency.  Services are provided to each student on a sliding scale, based upon the income level of the student’s family.  Your donations help children, help the planet  through reuse (items are kept out of the landfill stream), and provide affordable building and home supplies.

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